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Prod.AI - AI/ML Product Meetup

Join @kr1sharma and @avellal14 on Clubhouse twice a month at 7 PST/10 EST on Wednesdays to hear an industry speaker share their experience building, deploying, and scaling AI/ML-first products! We’d love to have you add to the conversation so please don’t hesitate to raise your hand.

Follow the room on Twitter @proddotai to get notified about upcoming Meetups and check out summary threads from previous Meetups


  • Introduction: 5 minutes
  • Presentation/Interview: 20-30 minutes
  • Q & A: 15-30 minutes

What to Expect

We will be hosting various product managers, product-oriented engineers, and executives and conducting a brief interview with both crowdsourced questions from the Meetup Twitter account as well as some pre-prepared questions of our own.

Our aim is to have invited speakers discuss their experiences developing high-impact ML products and lessons they’ve learnt along the way. At the end of the interview portion, we’ll give participants the opportunity to come on stage, introduce themselves, and ask questions and / or share their own relevant experiences. After the Meetup, we will post a summary thread on Twitter featuring conversation highlights along with links to any external resources that were mentioned.

Upcoming Meetups

Previous Meetup Summaries

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We’d love to hear any feedback, requests, or introductions to speakers so please feel free to DM us on Twitter @proddotai or fill out this anonymous form!